Just a note!

looking through blogs earlier yesterday I came across my dear friend Clarice Fox-Hughswho embraced my blog from very early on and must has stopped everyday until she was sure I was up and running..She’s a mother hen that way and keeps close tabs on her peeps. She was so loving and encouraging and I have a special place in my heart for her! But yesterday I have to say I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this photo because recently I was pegged as being too “Hallmarky” not sure what it means but when I see this I see someone who gets what I’m about…..Refreshing the timeworn with a splash of color and these in turn will be tomorrows time worn. This picture is a celebration of what I am about..” I can see yesterday from here” One foot planted firmly in my roots the other possessing a very modern and relevant handle on today..ok so humor me! Thanks Clarice !!!
and if you can describe Hallmarky let me know..


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