Kits available!!!!

The class kits from Silver Bella are available…..$40.00 each !!!Go ahead and pick your project from the two choices below…!! Remember these kits come with embellishments but consider adapting your own ribbons, flowers, jewelry, and other vintage findings to these wonderful projects…Includes two reproduced wallpapers,1 sheet music and one Victorian Song Book Cover and plenty of pre-sewn crepe paper and sweet embellishments…Have fun and show us that out of the box thinking we so admire from our Bella sisters..Hanging_2

4 Responses to “Kits available!!!!”

  1. jessi nagy says:

    hey cute girl!!!!
    I would love to buy the cone kit!!
    I did’nt get either of your classes at silver bella (boo hoo).
    let me know how i can get my hands on them!
    Hope you liked your journal!!
    Hope you had a great time at silver bella!
    Next year i WILL get in your classes!!

  2. Firefly Hill says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Silver Bella looked really fun! Wish I could have gone. Are the kits going to be for sale at your holiday open house?

  3. Genevieve says:

    Since I couldn’t be there myself, (quitely holds back tears) I am OHH SOO HAPPY you are letting us gals who didn’t get to make it have a little taste of what fun you lucky ladies had!!

  4. Cris Cunningham says:

    Me want one!!! I’ll be emailing you this evening Jennifer. Save one of each for me! xoxo

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