Look What Our Garden Grew!!!

We went outside this morning to find that our garden was growing something quite unusual…. these beautiful Girl’s World buttons! Who knew!!

They read, “Living a Girl’s World”, and we couldn’t wait a moment longer to pluck them, spread them around our fabric to admire them, and finally, spread the Girl’s World love to all of you.

If you start a Girl’s World class, we’ll send you a DOZEN as a special thank you!! Want to learn more about the concept of a Girl’s World class?? Contact us by clicking HERE

As pretty as peonies, but not requiring water or sunlight, these special badges feature the Girl’s World cover design with a very special saying that can mean so much.

Loving what you see? Any order you place in our Sis Boom shop comes with a special Girl’s World button! (Psssst.. have you seen the new aprons in the Sis Boom Shop?!)