Sew Serendipity

Kay Streit Whitt is an amazing pattern designer and we are so blessed to have her in the quilting world!  We are so lucky  she decided to use  our wonderful prints for her most recent pattern. I get so excited whenever she uses our fabric for one of her designs.  She knows how to fit people and she knows what they want.  Kay is the owner  of Sew Serendipity and we are so excited by her new Tara Dress pattern that can also be a top.(as seen below)   She uses our recent border print Valerie from Beauty Queen and we are loving the results.  She also used Beauty Queen Linky Love to contrast the wonderful details.  Kay is the real deal I remember her at one of my first quilt market and I was so excited to see quilting fabrics used for apparel. Thanks for doing it so beautifully Kay. We appreciate you and your talents!!! Follow her and get to know her. She has a bajillion books and sewing patterns that will excite you! Enjoy!! kay

Maw-Bell Presents Summer at the Lake Quilts

Do you know Sally & Susan of Maw-Bell? If you do, consider yourself lucky.. and if you don’t– get to know them! They are such lovely, talented, fabulous women!! We have had the pleasure of getting to know them and also spending some time with them at Quilt Market back in Utah! They were so much fun to be around and had the most gentle souls.

They recently put out a quilting book with patterns called Summer at the Lake Quilts: 11 New Projects from Maw-Bell Designs- Quilts, Bags & More and it is a beautiful publication chock full of wonderful patterns and projects for all of you sewers & quilters out there.

One of our favorites is the Picnic Ant Pincushion, which is ingenious and quirky. We got to see them at Market and they made us smile! The illustrations are beautifully done– in full color with tremendous detail. The patterns are great– located in the back of the publication for easy access and use, and the overall vibe of the book is just awesome.

Visit the wonderful world of Maw-Bell by going here. To learn more about Summer At the Lake Quilts or to purchase your copy go here. Enjoy!!