A Special, Glittery Tutorial for our Special, Glittery Friends

We’re all about spreading the Girl’s World love!

We know you’d all adore the book and find something special inside just for you or a sweet little girl in your life– and if you don’t have it yet we wanted to give you another little taste of just how fun it is.

Below we we’re sharing another blog version of a Girl’s World project! (did you catch last week’s Girl’s World tutorial?)

This is one that was posted on the Chronicle blog a while back, and in case you didn’t catch then, here you go! It’s a great gift for that special little girl who’s just starting school!

Materials (in order of use)

-Maya road cardboard cutouts
-Sponge brushes – any craft store
-Mod podge – any craft store, such as Michael’s
-Glitter – artglitter.com OR marthastewart.com (small, beautiful viles)
-Hot Glue – any craft store, such as Michaels
-Computer access (to type up featured messages in necklace)
-Paper Punch
-Seam Binding ribbon – Zipperstop on ebay
-Gems & other goodies to embellish (optional) ours are from flea markets & ebay!

Chose a large, flat surface, lay down a sheet of plastic (you can even use a garbage bag!), and throw on some gloves to avoid super sticky hands!

Step 1) Using your sponge brush, lightly spread a layer of Modge Podge over your Maya Road cardboard shapes

Step 2) Within 30 seconds, sprinkle your glitter color of choice evenly over the surface of the cardboard shape that has been covered with Modge Podge
Step 3) Let your glittered cardboard shape dry and simply admire its beauty! After your shape dries, apply Mod Podge along the edges, followed by glitter to ensure total glitter coverage. Glamorous!

Step 4) Repeat the process as many times as desired using different colors and shapes. The more varied, the more fun! Tip: be sure to supply yourself with glittered shapes that provide holes for the seam binding to pass through (this will give you the necklace feature at the end!)

Step 5) Type up fun & special words / phrases in your favorite font. We suggest you use cardstock or glossy paper (as pictured). Experiment with font size compared to the available area within your cardboard shapes. Print out a sheet of paper with your saying(s). For circular shapes, use a paper punch (instead of a scissor) to pop these words / sayings out of their page creating a circle shape that will fit nicely behind your cardboard cutout. For squares and ovals, either cut out manually or use appropriate paper punches. Keep Brides & Grads in mind! These are fabulous gifts for both parties. Bridesmaids will also look stunning in these sparkling statement necklaces! The possibilities are endless!

Step 6) Using a hot glue gun as an adhering method, attach the punched out paper circles against the back of the cardboard cutout so that the words show through the little “frame”. Tip: Use a thin strip of hot glue to avoid seepage through the front.

Step 7) Have fun! Match your favorite shapes together, vertically, using hot glue as a adhering method in the back. Tip: Always end with an “o” piece at the top, which you will string your seam binding through to make a necklace!)

Step 8) Embellish your beautiful design! Add streamers to the bottom (by glue gunning them to the back)

Step 9) Add gems here and there for some sparkle and shine, or hang dazzling ribbon to create a whimsical, girly look!

Step 10) Hang all of your beautiful masterpieces together and show them off! You did a fabulous job! Be proud! These are stunning pieces for fun, whimisical, DIY weddings, graduations, little girls, and of course, anything else you can dream up! Go crazy! It’s all about having a good time and letting the glitter fly!!