Everything so top secret

so i thought i’d share some collaging to let you know I’m alive and well and loving life. I actually decoupaged the suitcases the kids are sitting on….xoxoxo

5 Responses to “Everything so top secret”

  1. Terriaw says:

    I always love it when artists share their inspiration! Love these! I have been wanting to make a collage or two lately, so thank you for the boost I needed to my motivation.

  2. Melissa P says:

    So many things to inspire! And decoupaged suitcases!! Oh my! Now my mind is really wandering. Keep doing all those things you do best–living and loving and sharing.

  3. I’ve thought of doing that to suitcases. I’m glad to see it works!

  4. firefly hill says:

    I love the suitcases! So creative…
    Nancy has not been blogging ….I miss her posts.

  5. naomig says:

    Love this! So much fun to see what you’re working on! 🙂 Decoupage’d suitcases… oh my. And I have two huge antique warehouses nearby… hmmm. 🙂

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