Sending a Dear Friend off to College… In Sis Boom Style!

Natasha Babchak, our dear, dear friend, is on her way to Chapel Hill NC! We are so proud!

When the opportunity for a Sis Boom graduation tent presented itself, we immediately thought of fun and easy, layered fabric table clothes, big, huge, poms, Casey Scroll votives, and flowing ribbons… A grouping of things that can instantly transform any setting. 

After working with the Grad Gal to figure out her favorite fabrics, we were able to transform a plain white tent with basic tables and chairs to a heavenly sea of vibrant pink and orange, complete with Natasha's College flag (gotta represent!) The transformation was so fun to see. A special thanks to everyone who helped that vision come to life!

What a way to show our love and send Natasha off to Chapel Hill in style! (You go, Girl!).

Madeline, Myself & Natasha get excited after setup is complete! That's one reason to celebrate!


Each table was complete with 3 different fabrics!… one main layer with an alternating circle accent, and Ball jars full of flowing fabric in the center. Little votives, and flowers, which were added later, made the look complete! 


Step back and take a look! Very happy with the finished product!


11 Responses to “Sending a Dear Friend off to College… In Sis Boom Style!”

  1. says:

    Gorgeous! Good luck in College!

  2. Terriaw says:

    Wow, what a beautiful setting for such a great celebration! I especially love those votive holders. You all look fabulous! Congrats to the college girl.

  3. Oh Wow Jennifer. Just love all the bright colors. Congratulations to Natasha and wishing all the best.

  4. Melissa P says:

    Beautiful! A very special way to celebrate. (I especially like the Mason jar idea.)

  5. AlyGatr says:

    How FUN!! The added Sis Boom touch made it look so festive. I really love the scroll votives. Hope the party was a hit and…sigh…off to college. I remember college 🙂

  6. Monique says:

    Love the Sisboom decorating! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Cathy says:

    OH what a dream….to have a tent filled with Sisboom fabrics! The tables came out just great!!!! Enjoy!!!! And congratulations to the graduate!!

  8. Stacy says:

    Wow! What beautiful party! 🙂

  9. Nancy Geaney says:

    Gorgeous! And so was the decor! Congrats to Natasha…
    xo Nancy

  10. Petra says:

    Wow, that table looks gorgeous!! Absolutely wonderful!

  11. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh my goodness how awesome!!!!Congratulations to Natasha.

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