We have a new friend of Sis Boom with a blog!!!!  She's the model on the left!!  The one on the right is my neice Sophie!!!!!  So now we need Sophie to start a blog!!!!  We love Lola please visit her today and say hi here.



6 Responses to “LOLA”

  1. Terriaw says:

    What a cute blog! I love her Blythe photo shoots.

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    How cute is that?? I like her Blythe doll photo shoot too. And I have been meaning to tell you I ADORE this photo. Love everything about it!

  3. Kim D. says:

    She’s adorable, thanks for sharing. Love the photo.

  4. Allie says:

    She’s a doll – and I love her Blythe!

  5. nancy geaney says:

    Thanks for giving this incredible creature a “shout out”! Love Sophie too, hey, when will I see her again???

  6. GO Lola, go! What beautiful writing!

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