Freebie for you nice folks!!!

Ok so you are lovin our new pattern so we thought the best way to thank you is to give you a gift.
So I'm looking at these sweet Download SisBoomFrayedRosettes and I say to Carla Crim , who you all know as the next best thing to sliced bread, ..can we do a tutorial??  And her response is always "Easy Peasy"!!  So the next thing I know Carla has created this masterful and artistic download for you all to enjoy and my wonderful assistant Dana gave it some photoshop finesse and a week later here it is!!! It takes a village trust me. So enjoy the results and always share!!  Hey to all my friends from quilt market I'll be in touch soon..lots of shout outs to the Michael Miller gang!  Wish you weren't all so gosh darn talented but what the heck ..who knew competition could actually be fun???  FYI you can now buy our Tunic for girls ebook on our own website under patterns in the Sis Boom Shop.  The womans Patricia Tunic will be rolling out by the end of next month …Glory Days!!!!

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