Customer Service

Please say prayers for our customer service rep George!!  Not feeling well and is spending a few nights at the hospital until the accompanying doo dad passes through and comes out the other end.  He's not allowed in the craft room when ornaments are flying!!  The doctor wondered why he had glitter in his stool!!  Mercy Me!  He got so sick today I rushed him to the vet and they suggest he be watched since his temp was going up!!  They thought he swallowed a paper clip but when I saw the film I knew exactly what it was!  The thingamajig that goes into the ornament…Yowser!  Now it has to pass through all of his intestines!!  He is a sad pup today

but don't worry customer service will be up and running soon !!  Poor guy imagine a huge dog hiding behind his owner hoping that they would forget about him.  Love this guy…DSC_0008DSC_0184Images

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