I’m only Teasing

I told you I would give you a glimpse of what I am working on so stay tuned!!!IMG_0740IMG_0814IMG_0825IMG_0872

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  1. That puts me in the spirit! So pretty!

  2. Suzanne Duda says:

    Oh for the LOVE! I don’t know what you are doing, but it is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  3. Oooooo I love it! Such wonderful colors!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Christmas at Sis Boom looks like such a glamorous, happy time. I wish I lived nearby! Keep the photos coming, they brighten my day!

  5. Caroline says:

    It looks like you got into my box of Christmas decorations and started putting them out early! I can’t wait to swap Christmas pictures with you!
    Everything looks fabulous, clearly things I would have in my own home! And probably will have to have too!!

  6. Nanette says:

    Oh I love Christmas balls! I didn’t used to. I thought they were “old fashioned” and now I realize they are retro beautiful!

  7. Aimee' says:

    Ooooooo!! It’s beginning to look alot lot Christmas!!! I love this feeling!! Beautiful!

  8. Megan says:

    Oh how wonderful! Chic as always Jennifer! You are putting me in the mood to decorate – if I only had the “energy” for it! 😉 soon enough!

  9. clarice says:

    Oh this is the original Jennifer, I know xoxoxo Clarice

  10. Elaine says:

    You’re right – but keep on teasing me, please! This is just too beautiful.

  11. elizabeth says:

    Sooo beautiful…love all those colors and the dove! You must be having fun with so many pretties around you…

  12. Dede Warren says:

    last year you and others inspired me to seek out these old ornaments of goodness. I have masses of hem now and am waiting to see what you’ll share next!!

  13. I am waiting! Looks like it’s going to be GOOD!~~~XXOO, Beth

  14. mo says:

    It is all so beautiful! I can’t wait to start getting all my Christmas pretties out!

  15. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Love the beautiful wreath and the colors are great. It’s beginning to look like Christmas.

  16. amy says:

    pretty pretty pics!!

  17. I so LOVE these shots…look at all those beautiful Christmas balls…I love those sugarplummy Christmas themes….
    Heck I love Christmas! (even after 21 years in retail!)

  18. jerusalem says:

    you are such a tease! lovely!

  19. love the patina of the old Christmas balls…you should do a line for Midwest Importers, you know, license the line to them…a cool vintage line…very in now! I have a large collection of vintage ornaments and mercury strings and some large mercury balls…reminds me of my childhood!
    and, looks like you are having fun too!

  20. I love the color you bring to Christmas! Love the pics! *Heidi*

  21. paige says:

    oh how a visit to your home would be like stepping into one of my favorite dreams!!!
    love all that you create, especially for the holidays
    hugs to you

  22. jeanetta says:

    Oh so awesome! Even my husband is giddy for Christmas. He wanted to put the tree up this past weekend 🙂

  23. love the retro pastels

  24. Andrea says:

    I can hardly wait!!!! I love Christmas ! xoxo Andrea

  25. Somer says:

    Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment. We’ve been glitterfied at our house of recent and I had to show my girls your work. Can’t wait to see more of what you have been up to. Thank you for always inspiring.

  26. Stepherz says:

    Gorgeous bright happy colors. I love doing Christmas colors in a non traditional way.

  27. Can’t wait to see more!!! Would love someday to come to your neck of the woods!!

  28. shelly says:

    jennifer… I do love recieving your invites via mail and emial.. I just wish I lived closer so I could actually attend! one of these times i WILL get in the car and just GO! your fabrics are just beautiful… and keep getting better and better. are you still selling at Ambiance in Roch, NY?? i do get there to do some holiday shopping..happy holidays ..shelly

  29. cathy says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Love love love your blog – I’m going to post it on my blog as a fav. Love your fabrics – so wish we lived in the same city – or I should say country so that I could have easy access to all your fabrics!
    Stop by my blog and you will see tags very similar to the ones you are showing on your shop page!

  30. jennifer,
    sooooooooo beautiful!! so ready for the countdown for christmas…(i’ve even started playing a christmas cd or two!)we hope to see you at the open house this year!!

  31. liz says:

    Ooohhh….I need one, can I buy online?

  32. OMG, Jennifer! I am in love with those wreaths. You have such fantastic style. Tease away! xo Cat ^..^

  33. dawn says:

    Such beauty! LOVE it all!!!!

  34. Alicia P. says:

    Hello beautiful girl. Your photos make me feel less panicky that the holiday season is fast upon us. xoxox, a

  35. Jennifer,
    say we live far, far away from you and are unable to come to your event? Is there still a way to purchase something?

  36. Shannon says:

    Beautiful!!! All the colors and sparkle make me happy.

  37. cerri says:

    I sooo wish I could attend one of your fabulous events! I love everything you put together, so gorgeous!!
    ~Cerri xo

  38. looking good Jennifer, I hope you sell…sell….sell….!!!

  39. bird says:

    oooooo i am in love with retro christmas! you are well on your way to a Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye white christmas!

  40. cathy b says:

    Hi again Jennifer,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and flickr – yes yes, you saw your paper in my Christmas tins – of course I use your paper – of all my scrapbooking papers (and there are many!) I love yours the best! (and no I don’t say that about all my papers 😉
    My only issue is that it is hard to get in Canada – I am also trying to get your fabric here but it’s tuff – I may just end up ordering from etsy!!

  41. oh wow!!! It all looks AMAZING!!! soooo gorgeous!! I just adore Christmas decorations and yours are the cutest ever!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! Hugs! Britt 🙂

  42. Carolyn says:

    Loving all the Christmas bling. 🙂

  43. cathy says:

    Beautiful! What a lovely display–love the colorful glass ornaments.

  44. ANGELINA says:

    Everything looks fantastic!!

  45. happy zombie says:

    You dazzle me, Jennifer! Love those colors… just like your yummy fabrics. Mmmm.

  46. brigette says:

    gorgeous decorations!!!!!
    christmas at your home will be magical indeed!!
    i would love to know how to make one of those gorgeous glitter bees…. or buy one…i’m just a girl who loves bees. and every once in a while…there is an amazing one somewhere…
    this post makes me so excited for christmas!

  47. tasha roe says:

    that is dreamy!! how did you make those wreaths? i would love to hang one layered on my mirror above my mantle. always great ideas!!

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