The girls

Most of you know Anna, a wonderfully sweet woman who lurks our blogs and sends us neat things in the mail in special stickered envelopes! Anna loves us to bits, she is always happy for us and hurts when we hurt, she never forgets to tell us how great we are….she has no time for blogging and is concerned with safety on the net so she doesn’t have a blog but I know she’ll swing by and get a giggle from her picture with her big sis who by the way is still not the boss of her! Anna thanks for your love and support from all us bloggers who think you are a peach…Heaven

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  1. We Love it! And we love the nonstop dispatches Anna sends us from the West. Nobody makes better use of vintage cards, especially those that are already written in. Sometimes she’ll just leave the old handwritten salutation and add nothing but “& Anna” to the end. It’s Hilarious! She is an absolute riot!
    …the Silver Bella countdown has truly begun and we’re trying to avoid seeing any calendars!
    xoxo, Jenny & Aaron

  2. Dara says:

    Awwww, she sounds like a sweetie!!!

  3. donnalayton says:

    What a sweetie Anna must be. I so appreciate people who take the time to say hello and lift your spirits.
    I hope you’re recovering from the lonely heart feeling of your mother going back home. I experience that every time my brother and I part. That horrible broken heart feeling.
    NEW PAPER FOR DAISY D’S!!!!!! I am so excited. I’ve been hoping you would do a new line for them. It looks lovely.
    You remain one of the dearest people in blogland! Thanks so much for your support of other artists and for your constant inspiration!

  4. Jill says:

    Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment….
    Loving the Daisy D’s. I might even have to break out of my year long scrapbooking rut to use them!! 🙂
    Love the card and I so relate to having an older sibling who is not the boss of me. In fact I remind him of that regularly. Anna sounds great!

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