Every year in January the way I renew is commit to the path unfolding before me and do the footwork.  I don’t begin a year without picture journaling which helps me to visualize the path I’m on.  Visualization is the best way to achieve success that I have found.  See it before you in your minds eye.  Try not to fret the small stuff hold fast to the dream and own it.  Oh and it never hurts to ask God for help along the way.  I have over 20 journals that I have collaged over the years to achieve my goals. Here’s some takes from the journal I’m working on now and yes that’s George with his buddy!!  So get started , collect photos that resonate with you try not to have any judgment or criticism turn off your head and go for it. Go ahead dream big, don’t question just get started.  I believe in you!!!  oh and enter to win raffle below..ends Thursday so there is still time.