Have you heard?! FIFTY OFF. yep.

SB holiday blast final

Holiday Show… Sooner Than You Think!

We’re just beginning to feel a chill in the air. Leaves are starting to turn. School buses and backpacks replace flip flops and beach umbrellas… What does this mean for us?! The Sis Boom HOLIDAY SHOW IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Ok, so maybe holidays are the last thing on your mind, but here at Sis Boom, Jennifer has already begun spinning gold in her craft room. Just wait ’til you see what she’s got up her sleeve this year! We’re getting ready, and oh-so-eager to share the holiday trinkets and wonders with you! You’ll have to wait a little bit… but what we will say is that the show is going to be nice and early this year.

For all of our far away friends, don’t you worry. You know we never forget you.

More details coming soon!


Make Your Sophia Christmas Stocking from Happy Home!

With the holidays around the corner we’ve already started daydreaming about our favorite fabric combinations for the Happy Home Sophia Christmas Stocking project! (page 128.

Below is a photo of our Sophie from Happy Home (thanks Tim Geaney!) and then some digital stocking renditions for you to enjoy!

In case you’re loving our fabric selections, we’ve included a key at the bottom for you! Don’t forget to share your creations with us!!



Holiday Show Buzz

First up wreathes just a couple..do you remember my spread in Country Living 2001??  That’s when I became famouse for my wreathes and the demand hasn’t stopped since but with the demand of my schedule it’s hard to create very many.  Here’s two for you to love as your own.  just to let you know we do not ship them ever..extremely fragile..Gives you a great excuse to come visit our show.  Dec. 1,2,3,.I’ve iincluded a couple of pages from my spread in 2001 maybe you’ll remember.  That wreath was and is 5 feet wide people love to see it up in the studio.  So I hope you’ll come I love meeting new folks..xoxo