NYC Library with the ferocious lions out front!!

Maura Madden and Jessica Pigza from Crafternoon have invited us to teach a garland class on one of their get together’s and we couldn’t be more excited…..meeting crafters in NYC is the ultimate exchange.  Maura Madden also has an incredible book on Amazon called  Crafternoon and both have been on Martha Stewart show so this is going to be lots of fun!!! Such a big city and hard to find like minded crafters  unless you are at an event like this.  We are also going to be giving one lucky person a copy of Happy Home!!  So if you are in the vicinity please come and let us know you will be attending.  We love to keep track of all of you!! Sometimes when I get a heads up  that you’ll be there I keep you on my radar and then get a chance to hug you in person.  So today’s post is garlands and just enjoy the process.  See you in NYC !! Let me know .  I lived in NYC for 12 years so this is like going home!!  So grateful for the opportunity!! Before you go take a look at their fun blog  register at with your name and date of event..