Introducing Sunny Isle


Sunny Isle, due out in May, is the next collection from Sis Boom and we couldn’t be more excited. Sunny Isle can be any island, maybe your favorite that conjures up relaxation and well-being. The sand, water, pool, flip-flops, the striped umbrellas – it all adds to our experience of heaven on earth. Islands are those places that give us momentary pause and helps us shift our priorities and give us new perspective. An island, like our fabrics, give you that ability to unwind. Fabrics elicit the emotion of happiness and help us escape to far-away places. Sunny Isles is the happy place you dream of…wind-blown hair, lots of suntan oil, sand in bathing suits and buckets of sea urchins collected. These are the days that made up my childhood and the place I call home. I love this collection, the red which I tend to shy away from has that classic vintage feel. Let me know your thoughts, I’m listening.

I’d like to introduce you to some of the special people I named this collection after. They are old friends and new friends, family and people who help make sure my vision is perfect before it’s printed out on fabric and shipped to all my fans around the world.


Alberto, from the FreeSpirit corporate offices, is my very talented friend who makes certain that my designs look their best and achieve the look I am after before they leave North Carolina enroute to Korea for printing.

Kat is a very special niece.

Dawn is a wonderful Facebook and Instagram friend. I’ve made great friends on social media over the years and it’s always fun to honor our friendship with a fabric in their name.

Garen is a quilt designer who I adore and Christie’s Quilting Boutique has her quilt kits for sale.

Claire is also a very special niece.

Jenna, who works along side Alberto at the FreeSpirit corporate offices, is incredibly talented on the CAD machine. She also helps refine the look and feel of my designs for FreeSpirit.

Amber is just a wonderful name I chose randomly from my Facebook page for all the beautiful amber souls out there. You know who you are!

I hope you have enjoyed this preview. Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more sneak peeks of the fabric.


Sample yardage is in and time to pull out all the stops and give you something to inspire you!!!   I tell you it was so hard to stop at 5 colorways for this collection.  Every colorway was the bomb!!!  I really wanted to bring home a colorful vibe!!  So many of you write in to say color makes you happy and nothing gives me more of a rush than to hear that because my finger doesn’t hit pause on saturate.  These are so alive and I can’t wait to do some curtains.  In my new book Happy Home we tell you how to create curtains with quilting fabrics! Just saying, because they are $10.00 per yard we don’t give them credit for the amazing things they can do. This design makes me think of  the 70’s.   I think of Laugh In, Sonny and Cher  and Twiggy and the Dating Game.  Super Fly would have fit right in. …and fuggeddabout zebra complementing these, it’s a serious no brainer.  They will amaze and delight.  I will be thrilled to see how you play it..