Accessorize with Sis Boom!

Whether you want to accessorize your home or yourself, Sis Boom has you covered. Check out these great ideas followers have shared with me on Instagram this week!

reversible bad

meandleighcreations Darling reversible tote in Daisy in Blue. Perfect to tote around your wallet, phone, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Whose ready for the pool?

bag 2

Stefdanko Another cute bag using Bonnie in Blue.


sassystitchesbylori Hey good lookin’ – a sassy reversible headscarf in a print from the Jenny Eliza line for JoAnn Fabrics.


serenedesignco Large embroidery hoop + two airy curtain panels = sweet canopy for a little girls’ room. Perfectly paired with a headboard covered in a print from the Jenny Eliza line for JoAnn Fabrics.


100billionstars Use up your Sis Boom scrap fabric and make this lovely little pillow.

I love Mary Fons

Ok it’s no secret.  I just love her heart and her ability to make you feel welcome and part of something great.  She is so super excited about life, about love, about quilts!!  Most of you know her through her show Quilty on PBS.  Recently I had the good fortune to meet Mary when she came to my home about two months ago and I tell you It was if I knew her my whole lifetime.  It was girl talk central and I just so enjoyed her company As well as my all around Gal Pal Susan Morgan who introduced us.  Believe me an overnight was not out of the question but they had plans the next day. …. I pictured us in (what else)  Pajamas getting CRay CRay.  What can I say?  I actually had the opportunity to fly to Iowa yup with Springs Creative for the Jenny Eliza Brand for JoAnns Fabric and Craft and tape a PBS show for Fons and Porter..yes!! in the same exact room as Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, I know I know I know…so giddy and trying to act professional when inside I was like Check Me Out!!!!! So Mary has just come out with an amazing Quilt Book called Make + Love Quilts and will be signing May 20th at City Quilter in NYC from 6-8!!  That’s a big deal and a big honor for anyone.  She is so approachable so fun and so easy to be with oh and did I say her quilts are divine??  I meant to open with that.  Please go to her facebook watch her gorilla marketing style video for Make + Love Quilts and her opening a fedex package  with her book inside and then you will see why I love her so much.  Like all of us in the SisBoomer Jenny Eliza Family we know how to have fun…Fabric and quilts just make us fun to be with!! Oh and get a daily dose of Mary at her blog PaperGirl !

Happy Quilter

Happy Quilter