Inspired To Sew Book Winner!!!

Thanks everyone for participating in this awesome contest! We are ALL so, super excited about Bari’s new book, Inspired To Sew, which is clearly going to be a hit!

You all left such lovely comments, which will warm Bari’s heart, but our one, very lucky winner (chosen at random) is… Susan Norwood of Sudio’s Studio!!!!!! Congrats, Susan!!!! You’re going to LOVE this book!!!!!

To everyone else – thank you, as always, so very much for taking the time to read our blog, learn about all of the exciting new happenings, and for leaving your meaningful & special comments!!! Take a minute to enjoy some photos from the book… learn more about getting the book by clicking here

Thanks again, everyone, for your beautiful comments!!! Have an awesome day! xo

Inspired To Sew!!! Bari J Ackerman’s debut BOOK!

I don’t sew….oh sure I piddle around and I love to sew paper but I couldn’t tell Bari that.  Not that she’d think less of me but it’s surprising in this industry when someone doesn’t sew.  I’m a crafter by nature and have held the privilege of Creative Director for Sis Boom Fabrics but I found a seamstress who could reflect my ideas early on so I was able to do more crafting.  I did however want to pay tribute to Bari J so I jumped on board to salute her process and her wonderful debut book!!!

What I loved about her intro was that she invited awkwardness and a case of the uglies that comes with any new creative venture and I so appreciated that.  We need permission.  We need permission to try things that are new.  So with Bari’s help I moved out of my comfort zone and tried something totally new.  I took a gamble at Collage art.

I’ve always loved Bari’s eye!  Early on I could see a diamond in the rough and now it’s all shiny and buffed and ready for it’s debut.  This book is Bari!  It is her unique style in every way.  I adore her.  This blog tour is an honor to be able to tip my hat to this incredible artist.

So for my project I did this heart to convey how much she means to me and I did it in my unique way as only I could , awkward and lumpy, but all mine. Thanks for having us try to incorporate anything that resonates with us! Bari thanks for the invitation to play and for keeping it real .  I heart you!!

Want to win a copy of Bari J’s book?! ..then leave a comment! Winner will be announced in 1 week!

Best wishes to my friends on the blog tour.  Visit them and see how they participate in the blog tour.  Get the book and get busy.  Inspired To Sew by Bari J Ackerman.

To the other Artists that were inspired by Bari’s book— It is wonderful to be among such great company! Click on each link below to take the blog tour & have fun seeing what these other Artists had to say!….