OH SO SPECIAL Sis Boom Friends

It’s the last day of our Sis Boom sale, and we’re so grateful to all of you that have made this sale what it is. Without you there would be no magic, no love, no spirit!

Meet Joan, our dear friend, who’s helped us glitter our way through these past few weeks! She has been a critical helping hand in pumping out all of these handmade (with love) ornaments. Joan also has some very special creations of her own, right up at the front table… these awesome little boxes made with our favorite Sis Boom fabrics!!! Joan hand crafted each and every little box with such care. Each is topped with a little button. Perfect homes for precious sayings (as pictured), or a pair of earrings.. if it fits, it’s perfect! And folks have been snatching these up for gifts!

Another Sis Boom friend– meet Gracie!! As we were getting started this morning, awesome Gracie walked in with her friend Stephanie (and their furry friend, Stella!!).. and then Gracie shared with us a quilt she’s been working on… and to say that we were LOVING IT is an understatement. Gracie has clearly been hard at work building this beautiful quilt and we can’t wait to see it as a finished product! Gracie, don’t forget to come back and show us! Way to go!! Seeing Sis Boom fabrics being used, especially by special Gracie, makes our day! Really! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!