It’s shipping

More beautiful then I remember.  My delivery came today and it is beyond what I recall!!  Really is so beautiful and so worth the wait. I’ve been right along side my friends who have waited patiently.   Before you know it you will have it and have difficulty cutting it.   That’s what I always here from you guys!!  So here is a pic, dream of the days ahead. The good news is most of it will ship in the next three weeks so before late May like intended.  Think about headboards and canopy’s in Happy Home and Girls Dresses and accessories in Girls World.  Please show us your visions too!!  Remember both books are in our shop for $42.00  Come by and say hi!!




Such an honor

A Jennifer Paganelli line up of sorts.  Alex and Grace Designs on facebook debuted a Jennifer Paganelli showcase. I almost fell over!!!  What a tribute and such winning entries I just couldn’t wait to share!!  Every contributor did an amazing job. Get to know them all on facebook.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  So moved!

West Indies Beauties

I know we’ve mentioned her before but gosh she is on fire. I love the latest by Suzanna McKeon of Hold it right there!!  You must look through her Etsy shop! I just love the scale of the Crossbody Budapest!!!  Nice Going as always Suzanna!!