One for you one for me…

…and one to be given away at quilt market.  So please leave a message regarding your passion for Happy land and you may be the lucky winner which will be announced next Sunday.  Tell everyone you know!!  Share as often as you like and enter as often as you like..We hope you win!!!!!  Comments must be left here to ensure a spot in the raffle..Talk to you Sunday at 5pm.



Crazy Giveaway

2 lucky winners announced next Sunday the 26th will win 1 pile of Crazy Love fatquarters!!!!!!!!!!! just leave a comment here, and like us on facebook or twitter..that simple!!!!

Ready Set Go!!!

Atlanta Demonstrations

So under the Earth Angels Tent I’ll be doing demonstrations of what to do with sequined felt..stay tuned we’ll reveal next week when we come back!!  Madeline will probably have a raffle up for those who can’t make it to the Country Living Fair!! No one left behind, that’s her motto!!!  Please say you’ll visit our booth number 14!!  Come see  the pages of  Girls World unfold on Saturday as girls parade around Stone Mountain in their Girls World Attire!!!!   My Mom will be hawking the book, a very proud moment for her since she is the inspiration behind all of it!!!!  That’s the Earth Angels Tent number 14 where Jen O’Conner has invited me to be a part of this amazing troupe of artists. They have demonstrations every couple of hours. It really is one of the busiest tents on the lot so come see why!!  We’ll have fat quarters and one yard cuts and oodles of pillows so come say to hug you!!!  Friday I have the mainstage at 3pm and book signing at 4pm so don’t miss these moments to steal a hug..Crazy about you all!!

West Indies game on 2 Winners

I always like to up the chance of winning makes for a better game.  So here it is two fat quarter piles with your name on it.  All I want to know is your favorite color from the collection with a hash mark in front to like this #green . Truth be told I hope it drives more traffic to the site but haven’t got a long as it looks like I know what I’m doing..So Madeline cut these out and I folded them.  What I’m trying to say they are fatquarters Sis Boom style.  Not necessarily perfect. I went to see how to fold a fat quarter and figured that could take a whole day.  Please don’t judge the quality just have fun with the quantity.  Lets just say enough to create a beautiful quilt top!!!  Damage Control at it’s best.  Winners posted Friday evening It’s a quick one.