Sis Boom Room – LOVE & Circa

Ok, here’s the deal. We love this room and we want it to exist now. It’s not an impossible room to create.. Some long, flowing Circa drapes, pillows, a Sis Boom ticking “LOVE” pillow, Pottery Barn couch, some DIY-ish vases, a Sis Boom rug, and, OF COURSE, Happy Home. Voila. LOVE IT.

1. Twine wrapped Wood Vases, 2. Sis Boom jp074 Rose | Bradlee, 3. Sis Boom jp075 Yellow | Lauren, 4. Pottery Barn Clara Couch, 5. Sis Boom jp071 Bluex | Lindsey, 6. Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli LOVE pillow, 7. Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli, 8. Back Bay Hook Rug by Jennifer Paganelli