Makes it so special!

So I had my friend Maritza Bermudez who worked on Happy Home with me create this beautiful canopy just like the one in Happy Home. Once the hardware is up you can take this and change it out. I can’t get over this. All these wonderful bouquets cascading down.  I tell you I just will never get enough of Circa and I hope you don’t either.  So for a fraction of what designer fabrics would cost you can have the same upscale look!!! Seriously this could cost up to $1000.00 to $1500.00 in Ct. easily!!!  DIY  this was $160.00 for fabric!!  For those of us obsessed with fabric that is a drop in the bucket. Back to back these fabrics are just so perfect together.  Please note nothing matches, I love just throwing together what I love!!!  When you surround yourself with things you love that is your signature look!!  So I hope you like what you see not at all fussy, just impromptu.  soon the Circa Pillows will be done and we will show you some whole cloth quilts. Enjoy the photos and of course Mr. George in the middle of it all.