College Kids Unite!!!

Tell mama you need these for school!! His or hers we sell more of these boxer shorts at our Holiday show than anything and guess who’s got the pattern flying off the shelves??? You’ve got it,  our very own Melanie at Above all Fabrics!! Sweetest girl in the industry!!  Seriously make a ton of them my daughter Kate 18 and Matt 21 love to steal them and share them with Mom and Dad if you are thinking of great ideas for under the tree or for Hanuka then get started whipping these babies up!!!  Malanie get in gear for some Holiday orders..We love you girl!! and don’t forget to applique their name or embroider their school on the back.

A Quick Hello & Something Fun!!

Hi everyone!!! It’s Madeline here! Just wanted to say a quick hello while I had a moment to hop over to the computer… it’s been sooo busy all day and so wonderful to see all of our Sis Boom Friends! We love you guys!

FYI Jennifer’s ornaments, pillows, jewelry, and, well… pretty much everything else have all been a major hit and you better hurry up before everything flies outta here! I’m telling you!

As for our lovely, wonderful amazing out of town friends, we could never forget you… and we really miss you today…. which is why I’m hosting a raffle right here right now!!! What’s the oh-so-fun & oh-so-awesome prize? It’s an adorable collection of trinkets including a pair of Poodle Boxer shorts in Tanya, a Queen Street Fat Quarter pack, and two ornaments made with tons of love by the Jennifer that we all love so much!!  Comment on this post to enter the raffle! xoxoxox

Jennifer is super busy running around with glitter all over her face, sharing the joys of everything new and exciting here at Sis Boom (Queen Street is a major hit today!!!) and she sends mucho love to all! Raffle winner will be announced on Saturday!!!

Please leave the ball outside Georgey!! not on the white Sofa!!!