Jenny Eliza comes to life

Working with fabric designs on a two-dimensional level is always incredibly fun and rewarding, but there is nothing in this world like opening a box with the actual materials there for you to hold and touch and hug!

Just when we can’t imagine it getting any happier or more exciting, we begin building meaningful little dresses, pillows and trinkets out of these fabrics and that is when the true magic happens. Watching Jenny Eliza come to life is incredible — the scale and the colors are a treat to the soul, and the way they bounce and play with one another is simply the best eye candy a gal could ask for.

July is just around the corner, when these fabrics will be available in JoAnn Fabric and Crafts…. and then we get to watch all of YOU work your magic!



Solids from Westminster

Honestly, these are the best colors I’ve seen so many will work beautifully with Circa.  I couldn’t help myself and I hope you will find something that works for you.  Feel free to call upon me for matching to Circa!!!  It won’t be long now folks it’s around the corner. xo



We rave about rag quilts!

Check out this stunner from Jack and Mae!!!!  We woke up and just had to share..lots of tutorials on line just google rag quilts.  These make great gifts because they are not as labor intensive a good beginner quilt I should say.  My daughter made one at sewing camp when she was 12.  I love the mix of Bohemia and the exuberance of color.  Such a beauty. Sarah and Liz we love what you are up too keep it coming we want to see. They also make sweet tea wallets so you are never without your fave..very cool.


xo Jennifer

Just letting you know..

Join us on facebook, we sell so many beautiful items there and I don’t want you to miss out.  It is so exciting. I have my handmade items there and we sell clothing and lots of other assorted goodies.  it’s like one big party. Sis Boom on facebook..don’t miss the fun things.  This handmade bouquet with tulle and pearls is $75.00 , the paper bouquet is 92.00 and this lovely dress in size small (7/8)  $65.00 everything is final sale. So much not miss out..big squeeze to all of you. oh and I sell and fabric too!!!!  So follow!!


Custom for kids!!

Hanny lach Handmade kids the brain child of Cindy Seaman has such great kidswear and she customizes.  That’s not so easy to find in a world of readymade and she does it so well.  She’s a JP stasher and that makes for lots of options !! So find Cindy on facebook and ask her Wassup?? I love my Australian buds I even got a map out yesterday to see where they all are and they are all over the country.  How they discovered me I will never know.  Cindy is from Canberra, Australia.  I also have an app that tells me what time it is there..(Don’t want to wake them.) Alex and Grace from Queensland, Australia host the most amazing online auctions and Cindy is a part of that group as well.  I tell you I love them all and they get me!!  We are all on facebook press the links and get to know us it’s where we chat and look at amazing fabric all day!!


It’s in!!!!!!

Queen Street has arrived and late next week will be some good fat quarter raffles!!  So stay tuned..We’ve really missed you guys while we worked on our transition to the new site.  So pipe up tell us what your are thinkin!!!  What you will be making with these beauties. Thanks for all your loyalty !!! We love you guys! Jennifer

Dream Aloud!!

Create your SIS BOOM ROOM

Madeline has been busy putting together her vision for a Sis Boom Room she’s like to live in…..Boy I could so abide!!!!!  Look at that Back Bay Blue hook rug so darn pretty.  She really has the eye.  So if you like what you see grab hold and create a similar look for yourself.  Take a look at Queen Street and get the duvet happening and the curtains. DIY with the most immediate gratification.

Dress your room in Sis Boom

1. Queen Street Fabric. $10 per yard retail (unless you find a bargain!) retailers, go to Free Spirit Fabric for more info, 2. Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli Back Bay Hook Pillow $59.00, 3. Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli Hook Rug (Please tell us if you find a retailer!)