Garden House

Everything about her screams chic!  Simone of Garden House Designs and Brooch the Subject just has a certain vibe that is totally unique.  She loves mixing up her favorite designers with brocades, silks, ribbon, vintage jewels and putting the glam on a lifestyle fabric.  She takes license to take these fabrics to another level which is that wonderful stroke of genius she possesses and gives others permission to do the same.  She doesn’t box cotton fabrics into a predestined aesthetic she pushes the limits and shows us their humble richness.  We are talking $10.00 per yard folks!!! or less thank you Etsy!! It truly is the best kept secret and yes it still is a secret to the masses cause when I tell folks how much they are per yard I get “How much are they originally???”  most of the world has never heard of this!!!! I also love the addition of white to this patchworked tablecloth just says..luxurious!!! I have been traveling the world ( I’ve been know to exaggerate ) with Earth Angels and Country Living and can tell you folks out there eat up these fabrics when you put them out front.  So Simone thanks for the beauty and inspiration. All my love, Jennifer