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We hope you all enjoyed the blog tour as much as we did! Here is a quick recap of what we saw on the tour!

Day 1: We were at Paisley Roots and her adorable KNIT tobago!

Day 2: We visited Tina Sew Tiny where we got a little tutorial for the Leighanna

Sis Boom Blog Day 3

Day 3: Cookies n’ Bees showed us TWO outfits! the Sally and the Kelsey – with a Kelsey tutorial!

Day 4: We learned from Screeching Dinosaur just how playable the Jeanine Jumper is!

Screeching Dino

Day 5: Pear Berry Lane shows us some adorable and trendy Katie Fancy Pants


Day 6: Troops to Tots did THREE stunning and unique Maddie’s! Check out the back bow using our FREE Beatrice pattern on one of her Maddie’s!

troops to tots

Day 7: We see a whole wall of Kelsey’s in all the different lengths from Crazy Craft Lady.

Crazy Craft

Day 8: Glitter in my Coffee wowed us all with her rainbow Marissa dress!

Glitter in my coffee

Day 9: We got a free pocket pattern for the Sally dress from Sunflower Seams.


Day 10: Adventures with Bubba and Bug shows how great the Katie’s and Tobago are together!

Blog tour day 10

We want to give a HUGE HUGE thanks to all the bloggers for participating in the blog tour and hope you all enjoyed the inspiration the past 2 weeks!

Now we have a final bit of inspiration for you from Merav of Baby Hobbes Designs!

Kelsey Back view

Have you ever downloaded a Digital PDF Sis Boom Pattern and went “SIGH” the moment you noticed that the page number total is at a whooping 150 pages? I have in the past, and I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed the very first time I opened a Sis Boom pattern. What I didn’t realize right away (and thankful for Facebook Sis Boom Pattern Co Sewing Group members who are always willing to help guide and motivate you) was that this 150 page pattern is actually a FULL SEWING LESSON .

Although it feels as if I have sewn for over a decade, I only started sewing clothes for Baby Hobbes Design three years ago. As a self-taught sewist, I can honestly say that a lot of my basic fundamentals and sewing skills can be attributed to the sewing lessons in each Sis Boom pattern. From a loaded glossary of terms and how-to tricks, to a complete guide to measurements, computerized drawings as well as photos of how the garment will look at every stage; a beginner can feel at ease choosing a Sis Boom pattern. One of my favorite features in most Sis Boom patterns is that each size is digitized on it’s own page (hence the large file). Since I mostly sew for Hobbes, I love just being able to print the page in her size without other line drawings and sizes to confuse me.

Ready to try you first Sis Boom pattern? Take a look at Sis Boom Kelsey I sewed up for Hobbes Back 2 School collection featuring Hotel Frederiksted fabrics-coming in November. This pattern gets my beginners friendly stamp-of-approval, and comes with all the bells and whistles-but with a 52 page total. You’ll get 23 pages of step-by-step directions followed by 29 pages of single filed bodice patterns, separated by size. For Hobbes size 4 dress, I printed a total of 2 pages. How’s that for being overwhelmed?

Kelsey 4

Till next time, happy sewing!
-Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design

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