Sis Boom Blog Tour and Giveaways!

Welcome to the Sis Boom Blog tour!

We are excited to announce that our bloggers EACH have a pattern giveaway on their posts! Every weekday from Monday, August 22 through Friday, September 1, we’ll feature something new; so be sure to follow along with this tour!

August 22 Paisley Roots / August 23 Cookies n’ Bees / August 24 Tina Sew Tiny / August 25 Screeching Dinosaur / August 26 PearBerry Lane / August 29 Troosp To Tots / August 30 A Crazy Craft Lady / August 31 Glitter in My Coffee / September 1 Sunflower Seams / September 2 Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Rachel Berwick Hodges, a long time Sis Boom fan (the Rachel fabric from Color Brigade is named after her!), kicks us off and writes about what she loves about Sis Boom Pattern Co patterns. She sewed a Betty Ann Top in the upcoming line Hotel Frederiksted, shipping in November. If you have any questions about any of our patterns (or sewing in general), join close to 2,000 Sis Boom fans on our Sis Boom Pattern Co Facebook group page. Hope to see you there!

My bouncy four-year-old starts preschool next week, and she’s super excited! I wanted to make her something that she can wear to school in all seasons, and the Betty Ann top and dress seemed perfect. The elasticized back ensures that it will grow with her, and the slightly loose fit makes it easy to layer over shirts for cooler weather. It’s a great little pattern because it’s easy to customize. You can add ruffles to the straps, mix and match colors; make it a short top or a long dress, or anything in between. The contrasting pockets are perfect to slip in pinecones and pretty pebbles. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some not-yet-released Hotel Frederiksted, and the pink and red combo is a huge hit with my daughter! I made her top a week ago, and she’s worn it three times and slept in it once! Seeing as this has become one of her favorite tops, I’ll have to make several more variations.

I always love sewing with Sis Boom patterns because the directions are unfailingly detailed and clear. I don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing the directions, trying to figure out what’s expected of me. I just follow along, step by step. Almost every step is illustrated, too, which is perfect for a visual learner, like me. And with the Sis Boom Pattern Co. online sewing community, there is always someone willing to help if I run into difficulties.




7 Responses to “Sis Boom Blog Tour and Giveaways!”

  1. Shawna says:

    Love the fabric combination and the pictures!

  2. Brooke says:

    I’m so excited for a sale, I will be heading to the pattern shop right now! This is gorgeous Rachel!
    Ps I can’t seem to see a post on the Made By Amanda link?

  3. Cassy Gobin says:

    I’m loving your make! I bet she loves those pockets. I’m totally jealous of your fabric perk! One day maybe I’ll be cool enough for things like that. 😉

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