Sis Boom Super Fan: The Baby Bird Boutique

We swooned when we saw a stunning little girl modeling a lovely dress in Vickie from Good Company with a red applique top and had to know more. Met Dorie the talented sewist behind the Baby Bird Boutique. Make sure to follow Dorie on Instagram @TheBabyBirdBoutique. She makes wonderful dresses, rompers, bloomers and more for little ones. We are smitten.

My name is Dorie Kirk- but I am known only as Mama Bird in the sewing and Instagram community. I live in Fort Worth, TX with my husband and four children. I quit nursing to become a stay at home mother and never thought I’d find a way to stay busy enough (as if mothering isn’t enough to cover 24 hours a day).

We lost our son, Kale, in June 2011. Soon after, we became pregnant with our youngest child, Kaleb, but because of our grief and emptiness, I found myself looking for ways to stay busy to ward off anxiety. I watched as friends and family taught themselves to make tutus and other fun crafts. I remember a good friend trying to give away her sewing machine and the rest really is history! My husband (patient as he is) watched the included Brother DVD, learned the ropes a bit (his mother was a seamstress when he was little and he knew his way around a machine well enough). It wasn’t very long until I was surprising my husband with what new things I learn. Less than five year later, and this little busy project has turned into a business that helps my family contribute to many causes surrounding our late son.

It has been such an incredible journey, and the Instagram and sewing community have been such a great place for my feet to land!





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