So glad you come by!!

We always want to keep our readers engaged and there is always plenty going on behind the scenes here so always plenty to share . I’m just sharing our newest fabrics Caravelle Arcade that will be shipping to stores in May 2015.  I know how much you love to see what’s coming but please don’t forget Good Company the fabric line that’s changing things around the hemisphere one degree at a time. I love seeing all your things and just thought I’d share our Carolina Maeand Gabriella Fae patterns done up.  We are breathless with their beauty!!!  So take it all in..Need a beach hat ..Grab a copy copy of Happy Home and make a few before summer comes!








elegant you’ll be glad you did!!

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  1. For years your fabrics have made me so HAPPY! I love every line that comes out–they are joyous and timeless. I’m so glad to sew with them, I just wanted you to know…
    🙂 Have a great week-Spring is nearly here!

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