Jenny Eliza

Jenny Eliza was my mom’s nick name for me and it always made me feel sooooooo good. Mom’s nick names had a way of doing that.  With that in mind Jenny Eliza for JoAnn’s has the same feel good character that describes that cozy feel mom communicated every time she chirped my name.  I love Jenny Eliza, the scale, the colors, all perfect for quilting, and sewing beautiful clothing and home designs.  Madeline captured the happiness in this cool graphic below with this wonderful layered dress.  She’s so cool!!!!

I hope you’ll be standing by when this arrives at your local store!!  We hope that it tickles your soul and inspires you to do pretty!!!  Please follow Jenny Eliza on facebook for the latest updates.  …as always thanks for dropping by we are so happy to have you!!




2 Responses to “Jenny Eliza”

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m sooooooooo interested in making this dress! Is there a pattern for it? I really hope so!

  2. Michelle Davidson says:

    o-M-g!!!!’ What gorgeous fabrics!!! However….what a beautiful dress which I want to wear now thru eternity!!!! I am feeling very ignorant because I can’t seem to find the pattern to the lovely dress. :(. I have looked all over the site and all through the patterns and still, nothing. Can you help me, PLEASE? :(((((.

    Sincerely, Michelle Davidson.

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