The Dress Heard Round the World

Oh my, it was just another day, dedicated to getting all the work done before bedtime, Know what I’m sayin???  And just getting on with it I was distracted by a video clip Carla sent me that showed the Duchess of England at a playdate in New Zealand, one of our favoritists places that seem to eat up all the fabric we send them. 🙂  In this clip I noticed a flash of fabric that looked like mine but couldn’t be sure because of all the movement and people in the way..Yes they were in the way of the perfect shot of the perfect dress…(the way I saw it) so what if it was the future King. (outtheway)

anywho….the still shots started rolling in and for sure it was our fabric and we were soooooo excited but the important thing for me was to find the creator of the dress because that’s who deserves all the praise!!!  And find her we did!! Alana Garland please stand up!!! We are so grateful to you for this beauty shot..nice going !!!  I hope you sell a zillion two!!!  To all of New Zealanders we thank you for finding the future doubt in our minds..she is exquisite!



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