Let’s Circa-fy Marissa!

Every little girl looks dashing in this beautiful silhouette.. the Marissa. We absolutely adore it here in Queen Street… but, now that Circa‘s rolling in soon, we can’t help but to imagine how we might Circa-fy this shnazzy little number! That’s right.. we double doggy dare you to make a Marissa in CIRCA… Why wouldn’t you?!

Here’s what we’d do… Uhh LOVE THIS!

jp073 Yellow | Austin : waistband

jp072 Rose | Lilly : Dress

Which fabrics from Circa would make it into your dress?! Talk to us!

4 Responses to “Let’s Circa-fy Marissa!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    jp074 Bluex | Bradlee: waistband
    jp075 Yellow | Lauren: dress

  2. JP 076 Maggie blue / dress
    JP074 Bradlee blue / waistband

  3. Haha we have been thinking alike!
    I have planned to make the Marissa dress for my daughter from Lauren in blue, but I do love your combination.
    It is for her confirmation dress.
    Hope it arrives in soon! The anticipation for the Circa range is like waiting for a baby to arrive here at Fabric Pixie.

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