Clock is ticking

Hey amazon has a great deal on our books!!!!!!!  Ok so not all of you know we have Christmas Stocking Patterns in our Happy Home!!!!   In our Happy Home we love having stockings in non traditional colors and Happy Land is super for giving a Holiday fun feel without being traditional.  So I came up with a durable laminate stocking that is wipe- able!!  And if you add a pocket there’s a place for a note to Santa!!! (my idea) so here we have beautiful Madeline with a laminate stocking which I believe to be so retro looking and really puts a luster on Happy Christmas.  I hope you all love it cause you mean the world to me.  Show us yours, we are watching.Madeline’s dress is very similar to the Angie Pattern for the Holidays.  Fabric for dress found here at Hawthorne Threads  Laminate found at Alewives!  Big thanks to both..Also check out Equilter for our books and rare finds!!

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  1. Jenny Fish says:

    What a GREAT idea using the laminate! You know they could possibly be used on a covered porch with the laminate. Would be cute decoration!

  2. Beautiful and wow that dress!!

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