Quilting Passion

What you are about to see is brilliance!!  Rachael Daisy has been creating the most beautiful of quilt hexegons and I just had to bring them to your attention. These just get everyone ooohing and ahhing ..they are like little museum pieces.  Each one just will blow you away with the intricacy of design they create on their own. Like Kaleidoscope images you just can’t wait to see come together.  These use quite a bit of vintage Sis Boom which if you are lucky can grab on ebay or Etsy..  Just search Jennifer Paganelli Fabrics.  So go check Rachael out and enjoy the names of the fancy Hexies!! Below Chocolate Coated Rosy Posy!!!  Remember Craftsy has incredible charm packs and design rolls and fatquarters which are great for a project like this.  Not to mention their great prices.

Rachael so glad for the artist in you making me look sooo good..you are a Superstar!!


4 Responses to “Quilting Passion”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Rachael is making incredible pieces with her hexies. It makes me so happy to see all the love and attention these are getting. Her eye for color and her imaginative names and stories are so endearing. I’m so grateful for her friendship.

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Rachael is another one of my favorite quilters! She does amazing things with your fabrics. This is gorgeous!

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Hey that’s me! What a surprise! Thank you Jennifer for saying such lovely things and always encouraging us in our creative endeavours. And thank you for designing such wonderful fabrics that are so inspiring to use!!

  4. Monique says:

    Rachael! That’s so awesome!! Love, love!!

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