Where Was I???

Oh right it’s Friday and we have a winner!!!! Yes a winner to Carla’s Book Sewn Hats!!! Charlene Miller send us your info!!!!  That’s going to be one Happy Lady.  Hey Ladies and Gents I’m working on some fun Halloween favors and stuff so the next post will be all about that.  So I need to give a quick shout out for Girls World because the Holidays are coming and you definitely want to have it on your wish list.  There are a couple of craft projects in Girls World that I just love.  The first is the headpiece that has soooo many different applications, think black roses and spider webs for Halloween and get your spooky on!!!! The second is the Badge of Honor can say anything you would like it to say..How about Trick or Treat and use black glitter..I tell you endless possibilities.  Oh and I just thought of a third, yup, A Happy Halloween Banner like the one in Girls World done with black felt and white letters?? Are you with me???  Please show us what you create, we get the biggest kick out of your creations!!


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