Did you ever????

Jenny from Sew Pretty Dresses is sending her daughter off to school in style.  Jenny one of our all time favorite contributors has sewn the Maddie Top in chunkie zebra and added a wonderful Crazy Love hat from Carla Crim’s SEWN HATS and this little miss is ready for her first day back.  Jenny reviews the book on her blog so be certain to have a look!!  I’m wondering if I will get a chance to meet my friend in the coming months, there will be a big squeal coming from the Houston convention center if I do!!! I’ll  keep you posted.


4 Responses to “Did you ever????”

  1. Love this and love Jenny so much! That’s the way they so sisboom in Texas!!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Jenny’s tapped in to the Sis Boom vibe in a big way. Love the smiles it’s bringing out in these photos.

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Jenny is certainly a Sis Boom sister!! That hat is so wonderful!! And like I always say people who wear Sis Boom always have big smiles!

  4. Jenny Fish says:

    Thank you Jennifer! It all came together in a school day! I thought your Crazy Love and Super Fly was working really well together! YES I will see you at Market!

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