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Happy Home is starting to creep up the Amazon Hot 100 list and it’s all thanks to you!!!  From Girls World to Happy Home, these sales indicate you want more so please share and know they make great gifts!! The Holidays are coming and they are both on many wish lists so we are more than grateful when you consider a book from Sis Boom.  We do have a favor to ask of you.  Please press the like button on the amazon page and leave a review for us if you wouldn’t mind.  Even if you didn’t purchase the book there and you are a diehard fan we could use your input.  We are so grateful for your loyalty.  Tell us you love us by pressing that ” like” button on amazon.  Look at this beautiful quilt with lovely Kate atop in her Meghan Peasent.  Ebay has your dress fabric.  Photo the marvelous Tim Geaney.  Oh and don’t forget when you order from me a signed copy I throw in some pretty fabric..just sayin..

The Sun hat in Kate’s hand is also in Happy Home!

Appreciate you all in very Big have no idea.


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