Summer Isn’t Over!!!

No sirreee!!  Come on make the Rebecca or the Shannon!!! You will live in this pretty drop waist and if you have the chunky zebra in every color I would get started!!!  Check these out!! LauraLee is carried here. Thanks Quilt Home  These pretty girls are in a small Shannon Pattern and they are kicking the look!!!  Katie on the left is 14 and sister Lauren is 12. Freeze frame is right  !!!  You just want to look at these pretty, preppy dresses on these pretty girls and soak up the summer’s Par-Tays!!  We are so excited!!!!!  Can you tell!!?  Our PDF patterns are amazing and we love to show you how the new fabrics redefine the patterns and their ability to roll with the current patterns .  Hope you like what you see once again and I don’t mean this lightly hoard your zebra!!!  Some folks are still screaming for our last zebra that we did!! Dorm rooms and girls bedrooms are being created with these wonderful colors that will outlast the test of time.  Show us your Superfly quilts, inspire us!! Photos Tim Geaney.




2 Responses to “Summer Isn’t Over!!!”

  1. Jenny Fish says:

    Just love these two! That zebra is amazing and PERFECT for the Shannon! I want it in BOLTS!

  2. bec clarke says:

    I was just wondering if there is a ladies pattern for the Shannon or one similar, I love the drop waist.

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