Saluting a long time Friend!

Judy Buchanan has become so popular on our facebook page and Sew Beautiful noticed!!!!  This is what it’s all about for me.  I am over the moon.!!!  You never know who might be watching and now she is on their blog and next they might ask her to do a project or two.  Hey you never know.  Ask Carla, your story unfolds you don’t have to chase after it,  just step into it and watch the magic unfold...oh and I almost forgot the most important thing. Always be grateful for where you are at.  Even if you think it’s not the most desirable place to be it can always be worse.  So a toast to all you folks who make me look good you are the stars in all of this. xoxoxo

Article here!

More good news the fabrics are available at Martha Pullen.



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  1. Oh wow, just saw this, so wonderful!! Thank you for cheering me on along the way of this amazing journey!! You put me in such a happy place everyday as I work on creations with your designs! I so love Sis Boom!!

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