Never Give Up!

Jennifer  Fraunfelder never gave up and now she sews through the night filling orders for her etsy shop SouthernBabies   She’s getting the kids to school, feeding the cat, and no wonder with all our daily tasks we want to throw the towel in when business doesn’t run smoothly!  This sweet gal like all of us at one time or another, including myself have persevered! Listen if you are making it through these tough economic challenges chances are you will be poised for success when this is all behind us!!  Jennifer thanks for not giving up on your dream because we all need your success story to motivate us!!! Love you girl!  6mos-4T.

7 Responses to “Never Give Up!”

  1. Jennifer F says:

    Thanks Jenn…for always being my cheerleader, for all your beautiful fabric that and for just being you.
    I love ya girl !

  2. Becky Collins says:

    Beautiful Jennifer F! You’re wonderful! And so are you Jennifer P! Boy, too many Jen’s here!
    hugs! to both

  3. Those are adorable! What a great story as well.

  4. Melissa P says:

    Jennifer’s passion shines through everything she does. So fun to see!

  5. Monique says:

    Jennifer does such an awesome job & even more, she is beautiful inside and out! 🙂

  6. Jenny Fish says:

    Sweet Jennifer F! She is such a doll and a serious fan. A bright spot in my day. Love your bubbles and just who your are Jennifer F!

  7. So beautiful Jennifer F!! Nothing like a bubble to brighten any day!!

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