Our First Sis Boom BOY! It’s Mateo!

How good does that cupcake look?!… oh? what? You’re totally distracted by handsome, adorable, sweet Mateo?! This is an outtake from Happy Home, which we just love to pieces. Peep Mateo’s Sis Boom Boy interview above to find out his likes, dislikes, and favorite things about Sis Boom!!  The shirt will be out in Late June as a pattern!!! Photo Tim Geaney!!

6 Responses to “Our First Sis Boom BOY! It’s Mateo!”

  1. Tammy Gillet says:

    How cute is he??!! Does this make Mateo a BroBoom? 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    How fun! Matteo is a cutie pie!

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    So cute! How sweet that he loves his mother dressing in colourful Sis Boom dresses and things. I hope he got to eat the cupcake! I’m so looking forward to Happy Home!!

  4. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh he’s so darling! I love how he thinks his mom is beautiful regardless of what she wears, but of course more beautiful in her Sis Boom!

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