Our very first cheerleader!!

Jenny with a J has recruited so many Sis Boom lovers.  She was really our very first fan (excluding family of course).  This girl from Texas had us on her radar and she was going to make darn sure it was on everyone else’s  radar too!!  She was so darn cute!!!  Her daughter was the perfect age for Jenny to create the most wonderful outfits without hearing the complaints of a teenager.  Kelsey must have been 2 when Jenny’s sewing machine started whirring for real!! 5 years later we are still excited to see what Jenny is making and dreaming up!! She teaches Girls World classes and has an amazing time with her students.  She believes in sewing for self esteem she sees it in the girls eyes!!   Thanks Jenny for your contributions to the Sis Boom Collective..xo

Below we have Kelsey in our latest Leighanna Pattern in Paula Blanco from Girls World Vibe and the halter inside Girls World.  We are so in love!!

We also love the Mardi Gras mask from The Tangerine in Girls World Vibe.

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