Ugly Ducklings and being a beginner

I do this every year in January .  It’s a ritual that gets me feeling vital and able to contribute.  This process inspires me. As you can see my books ….(almost 30 to date)  include notes, photos, memorabilia, ideas, but never judgement.  When I grew up I loved new notebooks, clean pages and once I had written in them they felt scarred somehow because I didn’t do it perfectly.  Yes I had serious perfection issues that kept me from starting many projects.  I didn’t like being a beginner and going through the ugly duckling phase.  With that in mind,I encourage you to do this but not with judgement.  I start with a blank journal nothing to precious cause that can also keep me from starting. I combine photos because it was the way I chose to scrapbook, more informally , more integrated into my lifestyle.  If I waited for perfect moments and perfect layouts I would never do them.  So I choose to keep them in my working albums where I am more inclined to see them. These books become working reference books that I go to for color and product ideas and inspiration.The blessing for me is that my daughter loves to look through them also.  I find that she really really loves the visual tool and gets excited by the juxtaposition of form and shape.  These books are so helpful to helping me focus, as I cut and glue I am thinking and exploring my world.  I am deciding what I choose to place on the pages, they have merit to me and they excite me.  So cut things out, print things off the internet, no criticism.  I love felt and sequins and to embroider so I created something from the inspiration in these books and  I’ve even included it here for you to see.  It’s an ugly duckling somewhat but I wanted to show you it’s ok to be a beginner and  there is no right or wrong way to proceed.  My french knots have a ways to go but I could see by taking baby steps they were getting better.  That’s all a result of not judging the actions I take and telling myself it’s ok and it’s a process.  Go ahead laugh at those loosey goosey french knots, I did!! Try to do something you’ve always wanted to do and let me know.  I’m standing by. xo

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