It’s here!! The Big Day!! We open Thursday!!

Please come, bring friends , laugh with us, be amazed with us!!!  Stand in awe of what a village can do!! Thanks to everyone who makes this so special!!!  Remember Christmas Ornaments, Jewelry, Bedding, Pillows, candles, handbags, oh and bring your book (Girls World) for me to sign or purchase one here..It will be worth a bunch of money one day!!! (I can only hope) I’ve made lots of artwork to share with all of you.  And of course the ever accomplished Folk Artist Barbara Strawser will be in the House!!  You asked for years about the artwork in my home so i thought I’d bring her to you!!  Some furniture will be for sale, Huge handmade Banners, the wreathes that you can’t live without.  I haven’t stopped and the seamstresses are in overdrive!!  Some of you seemed a bit disappointed that you wouldn’t be getting your handmade goodies now that I was big and famous!!!!!  I would never let you down not after all the years you’ve shown up at my doorstep!!  So let me say what I say every year there is plenty of stuff for everyone and there’s no need to set up a tent or stand in a long line..we would never do that to you!!  So watch your facebook and twitter feeds for more Show Highlights!!  Hugs are awaiting you!!  Tim Geaney thanks for the fabulous photoshoot with daughter Katie!!!

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  1. What a beautiful lady!!! Wow!

  2. Tom says:

    Katie looks gorgeous in her Angie dress! Love it!

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