Holiday Show Buzz

First up wreathes just a you remember my spread in Country Living 2001??  That’s when I became famouse for my wreathes and the demand hasn’t stopped since but with the demand of my schedule it’s hard to create very many.  Here’s two for you to love as your own.  just to let you know we do not ship them ever..extremely fragile..Gives you a great excuse to come visit our show.  Dec. 1,2,3,.I’ve iincluded a couple of pages from my spread in 2001 maybe you’ll remember.  That wreath was and is 5 feet wide people love to see it up in the studio.  So I hope you’ll come I love meeting new folks..xoxo

12 Responses to “Holiday Show Buzz”

  1. oh Jennifer! I want to move in!!! Just beautiful!!!

  2. gail kent says:

    I think those wreaths are so pretty-I have not done me one yet, but I have enough vintage balls and ornaments-a project in waiting-you did a great job on yours-

  3. just remember use a green artificial wreath that is the ticket and hot glue of course.

  4. Cathy says:

    I can’t wait to see these gorgeous creations in person!

  5. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Your wreaths are sooo sooo sooo beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the magazine article with us. You really know how to make Christmas sparkle!!

  6. Love, love, love this!! I live too far away to come so I guess I’ll have to find some time to fire up the glue gun and make one of my own. My daughter would be over the moon to tackle such a project. Thanks for the inspiration (as always!), Jennifer.

  7. cocoquilts says:

    I LOVE your wreaths! and I remember your article in Country Living! It was my very favorite and there were so many great pictures in your feature! It’s been wonderful to see how you have accomplished so much and so many beautiful fabric lines! Your creativity is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. cocoquilts says:

    Ps. Your large wreath is AMAZZZING!! Thanks for sharing this pic again! Co

  9. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    Your work sparkles just like you do. You are just super duper terrificul! Love ya bunches Jenn.

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