I’m only going to say this once…

See this green floral from West Indies, Valentina in moss color well take a look at how Judy Buchanon of Hickity Pickity works it into this masterful Holiday Fanciness.  Oh and she also has worked it into a pattern so everyone can participate.  So here’s what happens, this green floral will be on everyone wish list and become very hard to find so make sure you have enough in your stash to play with.  I can’t tell you how fast the florals go and as you know many of you are still looking for Loopy Vintage Floral. Trust me on this one. The Damask from Queen Street is a bit on the rare side as well but  it’s those florals that fly!!  Judy also sells these amazing Frocks so be sure to get in touch with her. Now places that have both of these fabrics are Quilt Home , and of course Etsy!! Thanks Judy for all the inspiration you provide our fans, we salute you!!  also lovely photography once again from Georgia Handy..Woot Woot.!!!!!

4 Responses to “I’m only going to say this once…”

  1. Such an honor to be on your blog, I just love you so much Jennifer and your designs make our creations so special!! Nothing says “I care” as much as a handmade creation out of beautiful fabrics!!! Choo Choo!!Here we come!!!

  2. Pattern KustomKidsOnline, love this sweet lady, been making patterns for years and she is so great!!

  3. Melissa P says:

    This one says “Festive!” like nothing else. Judy does great work. Each outfit is full of dreams for little girls. Keep it up, Judy!

  4. wow! what a great picture, a beautiful model, and a fantastic dress!

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