When she’s not teaching , she’s designing!!!

Look at this girl!!! Jenny with a J our very own Jenny on the block!! I wish I had permission to show you this dress in progress..definately R rated!!!  Whether she’s leaning on the bath tub or interrupting the hubby while he’s watching ESPN we adore miss Jenny for her flavorful photography!!..She has singlehandedly sold the most copies of  Girls World by her incredible enthusiasm and teaching girls in her neighborhood about sewing empowerment!!!  Read her blog, we are not imagining this she is out there hustling!!  She also can’t get enough West Indies so that makes our world turn too!!  Jenny is the iconic Sis Boom Girl that we like to see, starting her own business, adapting our patterns to create her own visions!!  We want you to be your greatest success!!!  Create, design, believe in possibilities!!  Carve out a place for you in this world..Do not wait. Begin and watch it all unfold.  We support you!!  So get your Meghan Peasant and your West Indies fabric.   Throw a ruffle on and get out your sexiest pair of boots. We love you Jen-Jen. Have fun at Market. If you see her at market post the photo to our  Sis Boom Sightings on our flickr group and Win 2 fatquarters!!!

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  1. Jenny is such a doll and comes up with the best ideas!! Its no wonder all those little girls look up to her and they are blessed to have her in their lives and so are we!! Look at that ruffle, made such an impact and now i better go make one too!!! You inspire us all Jenny and how your light shines so so bright!!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Jenny is a whirlwind of sewing and Sis Boom excitement! I am looking forward to meeting her in person at Market. But I’m afraid we’ll be too busy chatting and laughing and talking all things Sis Boom to get any pictures. 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh my gosh you are a HOOT! R RATED! Ha! Yes this is definitely what I will be wearing at Market. One of the days of course! Unless I bring Woolite… Thank you for all your sweet words. You have made my day.

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