I Wish My Craft Room Looked Like This!…

This one gets filed under the “I Wish” category… I don’t know about all of you.. but the craft room here is not the most organized or neatest place in the house..

Let’s just say it’s hard to get around in there.. and even harder to get out without being covered in glue, glitter, or having thread tangled in your hair (ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration… just trying to make the story interesting!)…

Anyone wanna come organize it for me? huh?

Let’s all admire Sew Fun By Monique’s beautiful sewing area and scrappy message board. sigh. Must be nice, Monique!

4 Responses to “I Wish My Craft Room Looked Like This!…”

  1. If I lived by you, I’d come do it in a heart beat. I love to organize. But alas I do not live near you. You could hire an intern!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Monique keeps a tidy work space. AND has great little pieces to liven it up. My space is a happy mess and nothing like this beautiful room. Great job, Monique!

    If I were in your craft room, I’d be lost in all the fun stuff and wouldn’t have a thought to spare for organizing. 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    Monique has such a great eye for mixing fabrics. She surrounds herself with the fabrics she loves. Love this girl! Love this room!

  4. Gail Whitis says:

    Jennifer, I dearly love your creativity and fabrics, and have several of your patterns and lots of fabric! My daughter-in-law was able to attend the Columbus Country Living Fair Friday and surprised me with an autographed copy of your book “Girl’s World” today. I was elated because I’d been thinking about buying it for weeks. I make her daughter, Carson whom I’m sure you met also, a dress about every month. She’s a sweet child and loves every one of them. You commented on my Flickr photo of her Lauren Pinafore in St Croix collection, I’m SewNanaGail! Now on to the drawing board and Girl’s World!
    Thanks for all your ideas and gorgeous fabrics!

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