Going overnight?

One of our most favorite projects (who are we kidding, they are ALL our favorites) in Girl’s World is the Chloe Paper Doll Overnight bag!

The Chloe Paper Doll bag is this super cute drawstring tote featuring a vintage paper doll gal with Sis Boom fabric as a backdrop!

Dying to make one at home? We thought so! Well, here’s the deal…

Below is a tutorial for the Sis Boom blog edition of the Chloe Paper Doll overnight bag! Have fun!

  1. Pick up or order some Inkjet Printable Fabric, which requires a sew on application (print, peel & sew!)
  2. Select your lucky bag of choice (go crazy and use something else- maybe a pillow? surprise us!)
  3. Click on the cute little paper doll gal below to download an 8″ x 11″ PDF
  4. Print her out on the special printable fabric paper
  5. peel off backing (instructions will come with paper)
  6. Sew the printable fabric onto your special item of choice!… a bag, pillow, or anything else that could use some paper doll love!

Gift the bag to a special little girl and make her day! Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. ruth says:

    This is just adorable!!!!

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